To Love A Tiny Man

When a giantess wants to find a certain tiny person it is not always because they want to get their revenge on them. Sometimes a giantess will fall in love with a tiny man and will do what ever it takes to be with him even if it means kidnapping him from his own home and keeping him for herself. Before she became a giantess this girl had loved a man that had been taken away from her but now she is a giantess she is determined to find him and never let him go again. After much search she came across a  tiny man. She thought it could be her man but she wasn’t so sure so she checked her locket as it had his picture inside it. When the giantess checked her locket she was certain that  he tiny man she was holding was the one she loved the most and to make sure she never lost him again she put him in her cleavage where she could see him at all times.

29977 - blonde boytoy breasts chasing cleavage cleavage_worship gentle giantess hands high_heels poser romantic tank_top tonto_blackadder


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