This Is Paradise For A Giantess

Just because a giantess can’t walk the streets of a town of city doesn’t mean she can’t have fun as a giantess will always find a way to have fun even if it means she had to destroy the city to do so. When this giantess arrived on land the first thing she saw was a tiny little town. At first the giantess doubted that she could have any fun since she couldn’t walk the streets or see the tiny people that lived and worked there. Just as she was about to leave town she noticed the tiny houses which made her think if she couldn’t play with the tiny people themselves then maybe she’d have more fun with the tiny houses that made up the town. The giantess got in for a closer look and on closer inspection she saw that the tiny buildings had tiny people living inside of them. When the giantess saw the that there was people living inside she knew that she would definitely enjoy playing with the tiny houses and the people living inside them.


160539 - blonde buildings collage giantess hands_and_knees houses mountains potyzeff sea village

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