The Love Of Total Destruction

There is nothing an evil giantess loves more then to destroy anything in her path whether it be destroying a city or crushing little people under her foot but her most favorite thing to do is to destroy buildings especially if there is a lot of tiny people inside it. This giantess was so bent on destruction that before she destroyed a building she would look through the windows of it to make sure there were tiny people in every room. If the giantess found a building that was empty she would destroy it as quickly as possible but if she found a building that was full of little people she would take her time as she loved to see the look of terror in the tiny people’s eyes as they knew what was about to happen next. Once she has gotten all the joy out of torturing the tiny people inside the building she would slam her foot down on the building crushing all the tiny people inside.

118397 - barefoot blonde building_destruction crush feet foot_crush giantess low_angle mega_giantess point_of_view poser swimsuit unknown_artist

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