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  1. Dreday303 says:

    I am not much of a blogger, but what I saw yesterday when I was taking my niece to dinner, left with a need to talk about it with people who can appreciate it. I have fantasy about giant woman for a very long time. it is a frustrating fantasy, because as you all know it is a fantasy that will never become a reality. But yesterday I think i got as close as I am going to get.
    I took my niece to a local resturant in L.A. located inside the mall. As we were walking to the resturant I notice a approximatly 100 ft tall vertical full body bill board of the woman who plays Nikita. She was dressed in a long red dress, and black heels. As I walk towards the entrance I had to pass under the bill board, and got a great look at her feet in those heels. i imagined that if this giantess was actually real I would had came up to just above her ankles in thos heels. i had to keep my cool, and not stare to hard, but it was not easy.

    After I got into the resturant and was sitted I got an additional surprise when our waitress came over. She was a tall shaply light skinned sister with short red hair, and unbelieveable brown eyes. As I look up at her, she too looked like a beautiful giantess. Between the 100 ft tall bill board of the lady in the red dress, and the looking up at the tall waitress I have to say that giantess fantasy almost became a reality.

  2. Akane says:

    That’s a very interesting story. I think lots of us have that hidden fantasy of giantess women 😉 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nick says:

    they did it! a movie completely centered around a giantess is coming out soon, its a medium too low budget film called Apocalypse, CA check out the trailer on youtube and go like their facebook page to show your support, also copy past this to where else so you can spread this very important news.

  4. That would have been one hell of a sight! Shoulda posted a pic! And yea i agree i think we all share the realization that it could never come true, but none the less, it sure doesnt hurt to dream !!! 😀 It was a pretty good story tho! Thnks for sharing.

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