Taking A Cleaning Break

In the middle of cleaning a city a giantess likes to take a small break every now and again. This break gives the giantess an opportunity to let the tiny people get involved by doing various tasks for her. Some tasks can be as simple as helping the giantess cleaning up the city streets but other tasks can be as hard as  cleaning the giantess’s feet. When this giantess was cleaning the city she decided it was time to take a break. The giantess wanted someone to service her feet but when she looked around the city streets she saw that there was nobody around. The giantess was disappoint that she has to massage her own feet. Just as she was about to massage her own feet a tiny woman came walking by. Since the tiny woman was the only tiny person around the giantess thought is was a good idea to let the tiny woman massage her feet. At first she was reluctant to massage the giantesses feet so to make sure the tiny woman the giantess showed what would happen if she didn’t as she took a seat on the top of her house. Not wanting to see her house completely destroyed the tiny woman decided it wasn’t a good idea to challenge the giantess and massage her feet like she asked.

161217 - artwork drawing feet giantess houses looking_at_viewer nylons sitting small_woman

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