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Video Monday – Giantess Butt Crush

This video on youtube shows a man trying to grab a woman’s butt . The woman gets annoyed and starts to shrinks the man until he is 1 inch tall. While he shrinks the woman humiliates him by laughing at him and making fun of his new height. The giantess now bends down and picks […]

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A Crushing Defeat

If you lose in her gym Skyla has a very interesting method of punishing the loser. Battle will take it out of you and that is no different for Skyla. She shrinks the losing trainer down and then she sits on them so she can rest her feet. For the trainers that don’t survive she […]

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Mondays Video – Giantess Loves Buttcrush

Oh man, you’d better didn’t wish for her to sit. Look what she did, she crushed you. Nevermind, I bet it was worthed to lose your life in such a way. Many people would like to be that guy.

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