Structure Testing

When building a structure a city needs to make sure it can withstand an attack from a giantess as more then likely a giantess will come and destroy  the building or structure so to over come this the tiny people of this town have come up with a great idea. When they decided to build a dam they were worried that it wouldn’t withstand an attack from a giantess so to overcome this they decided to let a giantess test it out first. The problem was that when ever a giantess would test something she would take it too far and end up destroying  the entire city. The tiny people were about to give up when they found a giantess who would help them and with this giantess they were sure she would only do what they asked her to do.

165948 - brunette cleavage color dam destruction drawing giantess ocean paulobarrios rain raining sea ship small_man swimsuit



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