Like I’m Sleeping On The Mountainside

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a tiny city can be a bit to much for a giantess and she needs time for herself so ever once in a while she will try and find somewhere more quiet away from any tiny person or city to sit and relax. While destroying a city this giantess started to think if destroying a city as fun as other giantesses made it look. Once she had completely destroyed the city  she decided to look for somewhere she could be alone and think instead of moving on to the next city. At first the giantess tried a nice relaxing swim but since there was too many swimmer around she decided against it and rather then cause a commotion she decided to look for somewhere more quieter. After hours of searching she decided to settle on a mountain side and think but when she got herself comfortable she was so relaxed she drifted off to sleep instead of thinking.


164321 - collage field giantess legs looking_at_viewer mountain outdoor sky swimsuit trees wonderslug

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