Shrunken Photoshoot

Having just gotten a new camera a girl wanted something different to take pictures of. She didn’t want to take pictures of things like animals or objects as it had been done before. Meanwhile a shrunken girl had gotten into her house and she was in need of help. Thinking she could get it from the giantess the tiny girl approached the giantess. The giantess didn’t see the girl at first but then she turned around and standing in front of her there was a tiny girl. The giantess was excited as she found something different to photograph. All the tiny girl wanted was someone to take her to the hospital but the giantess wanted something different and that was to take pictures of the tiny. Eventually the giantess made a deal with the tiny girl and if she let the giantess take photos of her providing she kept them to herself and the giantess would take her to the hospital.

154904 - blushing camera color drawing dress nude panties purple_hair shrunken_woman smile story thigh_highs

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