She Is Gonna Go Through The Roof

Growth can be a bit unpredictable and nobody knows when or where  it will hit a giantess needs to get out of buildings as fast as possible before she gets too big for the exit other wise she would destroy the building and kill alot of innocent people. When this giantess started to grow she was in a building. The growing tried desperately to get out but before she got to the exit but by the time she had gotten to the exit she was too big and couldn’t fit through the door to get out. The growing giantess wished that she would stop growing but her body wasn’t ready to stop growing yet. When she had finally stopped growing she had destroyed the building she was in but fortunately nobody was hurt. What was even more surprising is the the building she destroyed was due to be demolished and the giantess was doing the demolition crew a huge favor by destroying the building herself so they didn’t have to do it themselves.


161410 - blonde brown_eyes building cleavage collage destruction giantess looking_at_viewer nikki_sims vandalism wonderslug


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