Rewards And Punishments

We all know what happens to to tiny people who are bad but what happens to those who are good and obedient? Well if they are really good they get rewarded with privileges by their giantess captor. This giantess has captured three tiny women and one tiny man and to lay down the law she decided to shrink the tiny people who have been bad and disobedient and enlarge the people who have been good and obedient but only a little bit as she still needed to be bigger then all  the little people she has. One shrunken woman decided it was best to do what her giantess captor says and over time she grew from being able to fit in the dollhouse that was provided to the tiny people to being bigger then the dollhouse and she has even been put in charge of the other tiny people who could still fit in the tiny house while the giantess who captured them was away.


154867 - belly blonde digital_art giantess hand house poser shrunken_men shrunken_woman sizes size_difference

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