Rest And Relaxation

Destroying a city can be a bit tiring for a giantess so when she has had her fun she likes to look for a nice peaceful place to sleep as she knows that the surviving tiny people will eventually catch up with her. This giantess was so busy having fun that she didn’t realize how hot it was. After a while the heat of the sun had gotten to  her and she needed to lie down and rest her eyes. The problem was it that there wasn’t anywhere she could rest without disturbing anyone or being disturbed herself. The giantess had no choice but to leave civilization and find a nice place to rest. Once she was happy that there was nobody around  she could finally rest but she knew that it wouldn’t be long before the tiny people would find her as just as she was about to fall asleep she saw what looked like a helicopter flying past but until then she was free to have a rest and relax.


161103 - ali_landry bikinis brunette collage desert giantess hands_and_knees monument_valley sky wonderslug


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