Out Of My Way Little Man

One minute a giantess can be walking through a town or city and the next thing she will notice is that she has just stepped on a tiny man just because he didn’t get out of the way in time. The tiny people will have plenty of warnings and more will run or get out of the way of the giantess but a few tiny men will try anything just to get a better view of her. Most of the tiny people had gone when this giantess arrived but the few that remained behind tried ever so hard to get a better view of her even though that if they got in her way she would step on then by mistake and since she was the kind of giantess who didn’t like to get into trouble the tiny people who wanted to see her would have made getting through the town that much harder for her.

125021 - black_hair buildings city cleavage collage giantess jr looking_in outside_window smile wave

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