Nothing Like A Good Foot Rub

If there is one thing a girl likes is a nice foot rub as it can be a good way to relax but when she lives on her own it can be difficult to get a foot rub although there are ways to get one. This girl had always heard that tiny men always gave the best foot rubs but she didn’t believe it. To find out if this was true she decided to shrink some of the local boys down. When she got them home she ordered them to start rubbing her feet  but only two of them got straight to work. The others were a bit resistant so to make an example she crushed two of them between her toes. As for the two that were doing a good job she decided to try them on her other foot and if they did a good job she promised to let them go but what they didn’t know is that she only said that to get them to work faster.


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