Mmmmm This Building Feels Really Good

A giantess has to take a break sometimes and when she does she likes to get comfortable. If the tiny people do manage to make her comfortable the giantess will be merciful and will just play with them but if they fail to make the giantess comfortable she will waste no time in crushing the tiny people and destroying their city. When this giantess wanted to get comfy she tried everything the tiny people offered her but nothing worked but just as was about to give up she lean’t on a building and to her surprise the building felt quite good against her back. The giantess was quite pleased as she could get comfortable aswell as destroying the building she was leaning against and once the building was completely destroyed she could go and look for some tiny people to play with.

162078 - bikini_top blonde buildings cars city collage destruction giantess high_heels leaning legs looking_at_viewer street wonderslug

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