Mind If I Stand Here?

When you are taller then the average woman life can be quite difficult. A mini giantess can’t go anywhere without people  either staring up at her or trying to avoid her. This woman was waiting to cross a busy road when all of a sudden a giantess came walking up to her. The giantess wasn’t that big but she was big enough to intimidate the tiny woman. All the woman could do was stare up at  her as she had never seen a woman as big as she was before and because the woman was deep in thought she didn’t notice the giantess talking to her. The giantess waited patiently for a reply but she never got one. The giantess thought that  the smaller woman was overwhelmed so to make the woman more comfortable with her the giantess decided to stop and try to have a talk with her.


84148 - amazon giantess jet poser size_difference

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