Maybe You Can Help Me Out Little Men

When a giantess wants to be serviced she doesn’t want just anyone making her happy. In fact she just loves to show the tiny people of the near by city that they aren’t as useless as they think they are.A giantess prefers to ave tiny people massage her because they can get in those spaces that other giantesses can’t. When this giantess wanted a foot rub she decided to check out the nearest. When she got there she saw that the city was packed full of tiny people . This was perfect as the giantess could get the full experience of a foot rub performed by tiny people. When the giantess first ordered the tiny people to rub her feet most of them were reluctant to rub her feet. The giantess left the few that did rub her feet alone but the ones who didn’t she decided to show them what would happen if they continued to refused by crushing a small group of tiny people that refused to obey her using her hand. Seeing the crushed body of their friends they tiny people decided to co-operate and rub the giantess’s feet while the giantess recruited more tiny people to rub her feet for her.

162374 - barefoot brunette city collage giantess looking_at_viewer lying_down pointing small_people soles unknown_artist


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