Macrostania 2 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at giantess fan proudly present the second installment of the Macrostania series. Macrostania is about an eastern european nation who’s leader decides to get revenge on the western civilisation by using giantess super soldiers. Unlike most comics this one was done by a second artist and the colours in this issue really stand out  and the storyline is really good i like how Macrostania builds it’s army of giantess super soldiers.

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For the last forty years the small Eastern European nation of Macrostania has been ruled by the tyrant General Viktor Belanov from his lavishly appointed palace. Outraged by the exorbitant luxury surrounding him while the population starved a coalition of Western countries secured tough UN sanctions and commenced air strikes. When Macrostania succeeds in producing an army of giantess super soldiers General Belanov decides the best revenge is to bring Western society to its knees.

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