Looks Like We Have Some Company

Some people can’t be left alone to enjoy themselves in peace and even giantesses want to be left alone once in a while. All this giantess wanted is to left alone to enjoy her ice lolly in peace but after she took the first bite of her ice lolly she noticed that a few tiny people had somehow climbed on the ice lolly which took the giantess by surprise. When the giantess looked down she had noticed that more tiny people were crawling all over her upper body. The giantess really wanted to knock the tiny people off her but she didn’t because if she did she knew that she would cause a panic and the army would be out to get her and that would really spoil her nice day so she decided to let the tiny people have their fun until it was time to go home and then she could have her fun.


157380 - body_exploration cleavage micro ochiko_terada shrunken_people swimsuit

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