Look What I Just Got

Sometimes a giantess will collect tiny people to take back to a much larger giantess and all thought she will give that giantess what she wants there are times when she will try to keep at least one tiny person for herself by hiding them on her person and hoping that her master doesn’t notice. This giantess  was put in charge of making sure all her master’s tiny captives didn’t escape and she was doing a great job but she secretly longed to have a tiny person of her own but her master wouldn’t allow it. Having been left alone with the tiny prisoners proved the perfect opportunity as the giantess decided to go ahead and take a one of the tiny people for herself.  The tiny woman she captured didn’t have have a choice in the matter as she found herself trapped  between the giantess’s breasts as she tried to hide the tiny woman and hoped her master didn’t notice.


156689 - boomgts breastheld breasts cleavage giantess looking_at_viewer poser shrunken_woman top_angle

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