Lets See What We Have Here

When a giantess captures a tiny man she likes to inspect him to make sure he isn’t too badly damage. While inspecting him the giantess likes to see what he looks like as well as seeing if she has injured him because if she has injured him too badly she can’t do anything she had planned for him and she has to look for someone else to play with. Fortunately this giantess hadn’t hurt the tiny man too badly but she had knocked him out and she had to wait for him to wake up. She waited patiently for him but after some time he still wouldn’t wake up and the giantess became increasingly tired of waiting so she gave him a few more minutes and if by that time he still hadn’t woken up she would just discard him and look else where for a tiny man to play with.

163048 - handheld implied_nudity implied_pants no_background poser redhead short_hair shrunken_men tanktop

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