Lets Make Things More Interesting

Having just captured  a tiny man each two giantess decided to take them to the beach. When they got to the beach they noticed that the tiny people were having a volleyball game. The giantesses decided to enter the game and decided to challenge two of the best tiny men to a game. The giantess didn’t give them a choice as the two giantesses decided for them. To make things more interest the giantesses decided to make a bet with the two men. If the tiny men won they would release the two tiny men they had already captured as well as letting them go but if the two tiny men lost they would go with the two giantess and be their slaves for the rest of their lives. With the bet settled the game could begin and to start with the tiny men had the upper hand bt they knew that their lead wouldn’t last very long as the giantesses scored one point after another.


163788 - ashley_hart bikinis blonde collage giantess jessica_hart sand sky small_men sunglasses viewers volleyball wonderslug

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