It’s Worth Five

After a hard day at work there is nothing more a girl likes to do then to put her feet up and relax and it can be even more relaxing when a girl has a tiny man to entertain her . When this girl got home from work she took off her work clothes and got out a tiny man from her collection and went to he room. When the giantess said she wanted to relax the tiny men know exactly what is going to happen next but she never relaxed the same way twice so all he needed to do is to figure out how she will relax next. The giantess decided she was going to relax by eating him so she lowered him into her mouth and the instant he hit her stomach she felt totally relaxed.


156206 - breasts brunette comic_page giantess_fan high_heels looking_at_victim panties shrunken_man sitting socks vore

Jill holds Nick in front of her face, and looking into his terrified eyes says: “Nick. baby. I have to cum now, which means you need to die. I’m sorry about this!” Nick screams and Jill drops him in her mouth, and swallows. Feeling a fighting man, who knows he as going to die, going down the throat, took Jill to a whole new place. As good as it gets. All she could see was stars, and she let out an immense moan. “OOOOH Nick” She flew through this state for ever. And waited for it to come down. And just when she thought that it would. She began to feel Nick, in her stomach, trying to claw his way out.

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