I Thought I Saw Him Come In Here

With all the giantess attack the tiny people of this city has associated giantesses with being evil and wanting to destroy all the time. When a giantess came to the city most of the tiny people had already left town without asking what the giantess wanted. This giantess only came to the city just to find a certain person but that proved a bit of a challenge as most of the tiny people had either left town or went into hiding. Also because the giantess was so big she couldn’t see the faces of the tiny people so it was hard to tell one tiny person from another. The giantess didn’t want to destroy anything but she knew that sooner or later she would have no choice because if the tiny man she was after was here she would find him.


164214 - buildings city darkangle989 giantess grace_from_beyond mk_cuf poser sneakers street tiny_man tiny_mk walking

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