How To Comfort A Giantess

Becoming a giantess can be stressful and most giantess vent their frustration on the city or the tiny people who live in the city and some will even cry as they won’t be able to do all the things she could do when she was a normal sized girl. When this giantess started to grow she started to panic as she didn’t know how big she will get or if she would ever be cured again. When she finally stopped growing everyone around her automatically assumed she was going to destroy the whole city but just then she started to cry. The tiny people wanted to comfort her but because of her size they didn’t know where to start. One tiny woman had the idea of climbing  up the giantess and try to talk to the giantess and get to the bottom of what was was the matter with her.


156984 - buildings city clothed color crushed_buildings crying destruction drawing feet mega_giantess sitting skirt skyscrapers underneath uru

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