How To Catch A Tiny Man

No sooner as a giantess comes across a little man she needs to be quick as she knows the tiny man is more likely to run at the sight of her. A giantess also needs to be careful on how she stops him because if she is too rough with him she will hurt or even crush him. This giantess only wanted to play with this tiny man but she ended up having to catch him. She first thought of pinning her under her foot but the problem with that is she was more likely to crush him rather then stop him which is something she didn’t want to do. The giantess then thought of grabbing him but she was worried about squeezing him too tight. She did not give up on using her hand though as she very gently put her over the fleeing man and although the tiny man was trapped he was unharmed and the giantess could play with him for as long as she wished.


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