How Could This Happen

When a girls first grows into a giantesses most of them remember exactly how they grew and know what to do next but for some giantesses remembering how they grew in the first place can be a really challenge. When this girl became a giantess she had no idea how she grew to be a giantess  or by who. One minute she was a normal girl minding her own business and the next she had found out she has grown into a massive giantess looking down at the city she was standing in. At first the giantess started to panic but over time became used yto being a giantess but the memory of her former life was begining to get fuzzy and the more she remained a giantess the more of her former life she would forget until she would remember nothing about the time she was a regular sized girl.

164793 - buildings city cleavage dress emilia_greyheart giantess looking_at_viewer looking_down low_angle mk_cuf poser short_hair skyscrapers tiny_mk



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