Helping With Repairs

When destroying buildings some giantesses will go off and leave  the surviving tiny people to fend for themselves and rebuild their city other giantesses are so gentle that they try their hardest not to destroy anything but sometimes accidents will happen and a giantess will destroy a building or two. This giantess has accidentally destroyed part of a building but instead of worrying she has offered to help rebuild the wrecked building. She couldn’t actually mend the building herself because her hands would be too big and she would only make it worse but she has helped by lifting the builders to the building and she has also passed a few timber frames when needed. The children of the village took the opportunity to play with her as she enjoyed playing the the children but the adults are a bit worried for the kids safety.

154870 - blue_eyes building climbing color damage drawing gentle giantess helping kneeling ochiko_terada panties shrunken_people sky strike_witches suit thigh_highs

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