Hello Tiny Man

Life in a city can be really exciting to see and sometimes a giantess can’t help but watch as the tiny people get on with their lives but she faces a huge problem and that is that everyday life stops and as soon as the tiny people see the giantess they begin to run away from her. While on her travels this giantess had stumbled on a nice little village. Seeing how nice the village was she decided to go in for  closer look. This proved a big mistake however  because so sooner as she got close enough the tiny people started to panic. The giantess knew this would happen but she couldn’t help herself. Yje giantess had no choice but to watch all the tiny people run away from her. After a while she had noticed that a tiny man had ran just in of her but she hadn’t decided if she would take him with her or not.


157545 - blue_hair building_destruction destruction giantess hands mega_giantess minecraft painting red_eyes scared small_men smiling taramo tenshi_hinanai touhou

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