Hello Is Anyone Here?

Life for a giantess can be really lonely as there aren’t any other people her size around and when ever she tries to make friends with a tiny person they will just run away from her screaming. When this giantess reached land she was excepting to find someone to hang out with but when she actually got to land she found that there was nobody for miles. The giantess was disappointed but soon after a group of tiny people came walking by. Determined the giantess did everything  to stop them getting away. The giantess ended up using her hand to block their path. All the tiny people could do now was stand and watch in fear but one brave person approached the giantess thinking she would crush him but to his surprise the giantess was actually nice and she explained to the tiny man that she only want a friend. Seeing that the giantess was being sincere  the tiny man decided to give the giantess a chance and agree to hang out with her.


158988 - accasbel cliffs collage estella giantess looking_at_viewer ocean sky small_people

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