Having A Rest Without Worry

For a giantess the streets can be a bit narrow and space can be a bit limited. This doesn’t bother a giantess however as she will always find away to sit and either rest or interact with the tiny people bellow even it she has to destroy the surrounding buildings to do it. This giantess was walking down a main street when all of a sudden she decided to sit and rest for a while. The giantess didn’t have any problem looking for a place to sit but she was expecting to find at least some tiny people wandering around but to her disappointment the streets were completely empty but on the plus at least she could sit down without worrying if she has crushed a tiny person or not. To the giantess the main street was a bit narrow but it wasn’t any problem since there was just enough room to make herself comfortable without having to destroy anything.

161645 - barefoot cityscape collage giantess long_hair looking_at_viewer panties sitting_in_street tee-shirt

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