Growth In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

When a girl begins to grow it can be really exciting but most of the time she can’t control where and when she will start grow so it can be a bit of a problem especially if she is be in a building or in a public place. This girl had a pretty normal day but when she was about to unlock the door and enter her apartment she felt funny and her body started to grow. The now giantess was worried and a bit scared as she had grown so much she was unable to move and if she did want to stand up she would have to destroy not only  her home but the homes of the people who lived in the same building as her. Not wanting to cause a problem she decided to stay where she was and hope someone would be kind enough to help her out.

19408 - barefoot black_eyes black_hair clothes_ripping crouched growth human long_hair nude poser room yunners

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