Giantess Castle

A castle can be a wonderful place to visit but when that castle is guarded by a giantess there is no guarantee you’d get in as she doesn’t allow just anyone in her castle.  This giantess was doing a great job with her castle when all of a sudden she noticed that a group of people making their way up to her castle. At first she wanted to get rid of them but then she thought it wasn’t a good idea as she hadn’t had any visitors in a long time. The giantess decided to let them pass her. On the surface the giantess seemed nice but what the tiny people don’t know is that she only let them in so she could have some fun with them later as she couldn’t remember the last time she had so much fun with a group of tiny people. The giantess knew that her idea of fun wouldn’t appeal to the tiny people but she also knew that they couldn’t so anything about it.


158224 - breasts brunette castle cliff collage docop giantess people

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