For Whom The Clock Tower Tolls

Good time keeping isn’t necessary for a giantess but it does help as some giantesses prefer to have fun during the day and others prefer to come out when the night comes but when you are as big as a building it can be hard  and a giantess can’t ask anyone as there is a good chance that the tiny person will run away from her. This giantess had just come to town and when she wanted to know the time it wwas hard to ask anyone as most of the tiny city had been evacuated. Fortunately the giantess had come to a town with  a clock tower  si without a doubt she made her to the clock tower. Once she was happy knowing it was there she decided to stick around for a bit but she kept very close t the tower.

165608 -  brunette building clock_tower collage giantess legs low_angle sky standing wonderslug


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