Feat Of Strength

Every warrior knows that he needs to be strong and therefore go off to train everyday. This warrior was so busy training that he caught the attention of a giantess. The giantess was very curious as she didn’t know what the tiny warrior was up to and after a while of watching the giantess decided she wanted to help the warrior get stronger. The warrior was so busy with his training session that he didn’t notice the giantess approach him until she actually picked him. The warrior was angry that she had interrupted his training but then he had a great idea. He told her to put him on her finger tip and gently lower another finger slowly on him so that he could train by lifting her finger up while she pushed it down. The giantess was so engrossed in is training she didn’t notice that she was putting too much pressure and the warrior was struggling to stand up.


155620 - anime between_fingers kratos looking_at_victim muscular shrunken_man

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