Evening The Odds Against Giganta

Crime is everywhere and a superhero’s job is never done. Wonder Woman was enjoyed her vacation when all of a sudden her archenemy Giganta arrived at the place she was staying . In the past Giganta had always come to track down Wonder Woman to try and take her down but all attempts had so far failed. Not wanting to take any chances wonder woman decided to follow Giganta and see what she was up to but because of the size difference it was hard to keep up even with her powers. Just as she was about to give up Wonder Woman encountered a witch. The witch promised her that she would  be able to even the odds against  Giganta. At first Wonder Woman was doubtful but just then the witch vanished Wonder Woman  found herself the same size as Giganta. With her new size Wonder Woman could finally follow Giganta and bring her down if she needed to.


161036 - bikinis breasts giantess ocean poser redhead rocks sky super_heroine



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