Even A Giantess Gets Bored

When ever a giantess gets bored she can get a bit destructive  so to combat the boardem the tiny people of a nearby city decided to lure her out to sea and  let her relax in the water but as the giantess began to relax she saw a ship sail past her. The giantess had mixed emotions about the ship that sailed past her. On one hand she was a bit curious as she had never seen a wooden ship before but she was also a bit annoyed as she was just about to relax  when the ship sailed by. The giantess decided to go and see if there was any one on board that she could play with because the ship was a bit fragile and would be less fun for a giantess to play with.

162970 - giantess in_water large_breasts ocean outdoors poser red_hair short_hair topless wooden_ship

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