Don’t Mind Me Just Tidying Up

When one giantess destroys a city another giantess will come and clean up the city. The way a giantess will clean a city is strange as  she will destroy the remaining buildings so the surviving tiny people can start rebuilding their city from scratch. This city had just suffered a giantess attack when a second giantess came.  Although the damage to the city was minor the giantess still felt that the city needed to be tidied up. The first thing she did was to check and remove any tiny people out of the city as she felt that she had gotten everyone out the giantess was all ready to start to tidy up the city but first she needed to inspect the damage done to the city before she could start cleaning it .

161219 - artwork buildings clouds drawing feet giantess looking_at_viewer maid nylons omc sky small_woman stocking_feet walking

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  1. tiny mike says:

    sexy wish i could be under those feet

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