A Soft Landing

Relaxing by a cliff is all well and good but sometimes tiny men will jump from the cliff face and with a giantess in the way they accidentally land in her cleavage by mistake and sometimes the giantess won’t see it that way. This giantess was relaxing by the cliff when all of a sudden she noticed a tiny man getting ready to dive in the ocean. The giantess had always wanted a tiny pet and this was a good way to get one. As the tiny man jumped off the cliff face the giantess made her move and went to he spot where she thought he was going to land. The tiny man knew where he was going to land as he saw the giantess moving right in front of him. The giantess had done it she had predicted where the tiny man was going to land and she managed to catch him in between her breasts and as for the tiny man he was stuck in between her breasts. The tiny man knew he wasn’t going to escape and all he could do is wait and see what the giantess had planned for him.


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