A Snack Break

Destroying a city can take a lot of effort and often makes a giantess really hungry. Lucky there isn’t a short of food for the giantess to eat what with the little people running about in panic trying to get away from her. Another source of food is cars and other transport as they have lots of tiny people in them. This giantess decided it was time to take a break from destroying a city and  find somewhere to sit and once she found i nice sturdy build that could take her weight she sat on it. Not long after she sat on it she found a nice school bus driving past her. She decided to grab it got away and instead of ripping off the roof she squeezed one end of the bus and let the tiny children inside fall into her mouth one by one. Once she had eaten all the tiny people she could she decided to take a rest before moving on to another city.


155440 - belly cleavage crushed_bus destruction drawing giantess handheld kip school_bus shoes squeeze upward_angle vore

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