A Place To Rest For The Night

After an active day a giantess needs to find a place to sleep but when she is as big as a city it can be really difficult to find a nice place to sleep and a city doesn’t really cater for giantesses. This giantess had decided she would settle down right in the city but finding a place within the city was extremely hard as everything is way to small for her so if she couldn’t find room then she’d make room. The giantess then started to destroy a few building but only to make room for her to lie down. Once she had made enough room she got comfortable and just as just as she was about to go to sleep she noticed that a few tiny people were watching her from a nearby building. After seeing the tiny people the giantess thought she’d have a little fun with them before she went to sleep.


156622 - brown_eyes brunette buildings city collage giantess hand looking_at_victim lying_down night nikemd ring rooftop shrunken_people

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