A Nice Place To Sit and Chat

When a giantess wants to sit down a normal chair won’t do so she needs to find an alternative but finding an alternative can be tricky when there isn’t much that can take her weight. This giantess was having trouble finding a place to sit when all of a sudden she came across a small village. When she got closer she noticed the village was empty as all it’s inhabitants had fled and she was free to do as she pleased. The giantess only wanted a place to sit and fortunately the houses where sturdy enough for her to sit on. As she got comfortable she had noticed that one tiny man had stayed behind. The tiny man just started at her as he had never seen a giantess before and he didn’t know wha she wanted. The giantess, however only wanted to talk with him but she had to figure out how to clam him down before she could speak to him.

19413 - 90ft black_hair blouse blue_nail_polish car classical clothed feet flip-flops giantess glasses house human jeans long_hair poser

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