A Mirror For A Giantess

Even a giantess needs to look nice but when it comes to finding a mirror it can be really hard as she is too big for a normal mirror and a she has no choice but to resort to other things like really tall buildings. This giantess had just gotten herself dressed up and was heading for the city. When she arrived she noticed that there was alot of buildings and she thought she could use one of them as a mirror. This was perfect as she was able to check her figure. As the giantess made through the city she made sure to check her figure in every building she could find but none of them complemented  her figure much. After several failed attempts she found the building that was perfect. The giantess then stopped to admire herself. Because the giantess was admiring herself she didn’t notice that she was giving the tiny people inside the perfect view of her breasts.

159368 - city collage giantess large_boobs reflection skyscraper upward_angle

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