A Good Hiding Place

When a girl gets a hold of a shrunken man it is all very well and good  but when she isn’t playing with him she needs to stop other girls from getting their hands on him so she needs to find the perfect hiding spot to put him. The perfect place to put a tiny man not only needs to hide the tiny man but the giantess needs to look for a place where she wouldn’t accidentally crush him so putting him in her shoe is out f the question. This girl knew she couldn’t play with her tiny man forever so to so make sure nobody would find him the giantess had to come up with a good place to hide him. She decided to keep him with her as if she left him alone someone was bound to find him and take him away. The giantess wanted to put in him a place where she wouldn’t forget about him so she decided to put him in her breasts as she knew she would be able . Just as she was about to lower him into her breasts she had the great idea of putting him down the front of her panties that way she will always know where he is at all times.


159336 - between_fingers bikuta clothed color drawing dropped giantess panties_insertion shrunken_man upward_angle

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