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Video Monday – Giantess Slave Worship

This video on youtube shows three men talking to each other when all of a sudden a giantess appears behind the trees. At first the giantess waits behind the trees watching them to see what the tiny men do next. After the tiny men continue to talk the giantess get board of watching and decides […]

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I’ve Got You Right Where I Want You

If there is one thing a giantess loves to do it is playing with a tiny man but her idea of playing isn’t what the tiny man has in mind. This tiny man had to learn the hard way as while he attempted to escape the giantess had seen him and was now on his […]

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Hold On Tight Little One

Whether she is destroying or visiting a city there is one thing everyone knows and that is  a giantess will always leave carrying some sort of object from a tiny person to a building but some giantesses can get a bit carried away and collect more then they can carry so they have to put […]

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