Video Monday – Giantess Slave Worship

This video on youtube shows three men talking to each other when all of a sudden a giantess appears behind the trees. At first the giantess waits behind the trees watching them to see what the tiny men do next. After the tiny men continue to talk the giantess get board of watching and decides to come out of hiding. When she gets close enough the three men becomes scared as the giantess stops right in front of them. The giantess orders  the tiny men to worship her and to make sure they do a good job she hovers her foot above the tiny men. Once she is satisfied that they are doing a good job she sits down trapping one of the tiny men between her toes . Seeing that the tiny man is stuck between her toes she has a little fun by pressing her toes together and squeezing him. The two other tiny men have a bad feeling as they giantess begins to think about what to do with them.

You can watch this video here Giantess slave worship.

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