Hold On Tight Little One

Whether she is destroying or visiting a city there is one thing everyone knows and that is  a giantess will always leave carrying some sort of object from a tiny person to a building but some giantesses can get a bit carried away and collect more then they can carry so they have to put a extra objects somewhere else on her body. This giantess had found the perfect tiny woman but since she had collected so many stuff she couldn’t just pick her up using her hands so she had to figure out how the giantess would pick up her tiny pet without killing her. When she sat down to think she noticed something move between her toes. After a close inspection she noticed that her friend had fallen and was now trapped between her toes. This gave her a great idea and she clenched her toes on the tiny woman. Even though the giantess had tightly held the tiny woman by her arm the tiny woman amazed that was unharmed and before the giantess left she decided to have a little gun by letting the tiny woman dangle between her toes for just a bit longer.


156717 - barefoot between_toes city collage cruel dangle feet giantess looking_at_victim nikemd rooftop rooftop_view shrunken_woman skyscrapers soles

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