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Thursdays Video – Glued To Her Foot!

These giantesses are quite smart. They found a way to stick a man to a foot. Now he can’t go anywhere… Most probably he will be crushed as soon as she decides to have a walk!

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I Love These Heels!

I am just in love with these heels. They show some kind of strenght, but they are really sexy too. They a mandatory item every powerful woman should have. And this giantess apparently has a great taste as well. Some people may think they are not really comfortable, but what is really important is the […]

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Mighty Giantess!

I am not really sure which appeals to me more – how sexy she is or how strong she is! Nevermind, I am a huge fan of her… I believe that all of you will be too. She is some kind of a goddess. Is it possible that a creature can be so beautiful and […]

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Scavenger Hunt – Giantess Fan Comics

Three girls play a virtual-reality game where they need to find tokens distributed throughout the virtual city. As they play the game, they will grow, making the game more difficult.   You can download this comic here.

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This is Hardcore – GiantessFan Comic

My friend J Yubari just came out with some HARDCORE comic book issues on his site – check them out! This Is Hardcore 2 Lead singer Petunia goes all out on stage and wreaks havoc at the ‘Attack of the 50ft Bitch’ concert. The fans love it but is it too much power for […]

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