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Cute Maidens!

These two giant maidens hate all kind of dirt. And apparently they thought these little people were dirty bugs. So by the time they figured out they were humans, they have already wiped out most of them. I don’t know if they felt sorry, but judging from the face of one of the giantesses, she […]

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Squeezed In There!

This little guy seems quite squeezed in there. He doesn’t look really happy. In fact, it seems to me that he is in a big pain. However, this may be satisfying for the giantess. It gives her that special feeling that she is controlling everything. She can play with him for as long as she […]

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Mondays Video – Come Here, Little Boat!

This giantess suddenly appeared in front of the boat. Unfortunately, the sailors weren’t able to go anywhere. I am now wondering what she will do with the boat and the little people on it… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luHDBtU1IXM

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You Must Be 18+ To Get That!

This guy must be really lucky! But be aware, this is for grown-ups. This is what you get when you have been good with your giantess. The giantess seems really good at what she is doing. And judging from the guy’s face, he is pretty satisfied. Maybe it was scary at first because of the […]

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Mighty Giantess!

I am not really sure which appeals to me more – how sexy she is or how strong she is! Nevermind, I am a huge fan of her… I believe that all of you will be too. She is some kind of a goddess. Is it possible that a creature can be so beautiful and […]

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This Is My Man!

The giantess at the door doesn’t like being cheated. She becomes really upset if she catches her man having an affair. And this guy is so stupid. How could he bring another giantess at home? It is so logical that he will be caught cheating. And now I doubt that he will stay alive. And […]

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Tasty Noodles!

Don’t you love noodles? Maybe these are even tastier than usual. From what I can see, they are quite special. The recipe isn’t too dificult, the ingredients are nothing special. But what makes this meal so tasty is the little humans in the sauce. They give a very unique taste to the dish. Once you […]

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The Best Personal Assistant!

This business woman is in need of a personal assistant. But personally, I think she just needs a toy to entertain her. And it looks like she has found one. The tiny naked woman is the perfect candidate. It is obvious that she is ready to do everything to get this job. What would you […]

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She Is So Huge!

She is so respecting. Her size is just admirable. People stand in awe when they see her. The giantess looks soo cute but looks can sometimes fool you. When she wants, she can be quite cruel. Just by lifting her foot, she can crush a whole city. So tiny people should be careful not to […]

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Trapped Between Enormous Boobs!

Poor guy, he looks so scared. He realizes that this will be the end of his life. But you can’t deny it that it will be pleasant. Not many guys have a chance to see such big boobs. And what’s more, he was lucky enough to go near them too. I wonder if crushing with […]

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