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I Hate Traffic Jams!

This giantess was at her parents’ house for a week. They live in a small village so the giantess got used to not being stuck in traffic jams. Unfortunately, she went back in the city and the cruel reality was there. She started losing her time as usual  sitting in her car and waiting for […]

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

I couldn’t think of a better story than the one the artist wrote, so here it is: Carlos was in a desperate state… really desperate. He had just lost his job at the dairy plant in Saltillo Mexico and needed a steady income, or better yet, a miracle in order for him to provide food […]

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Mighty Goddess

These tiny people shouldn’t be on the giantess’ way. She’s much stronger than them and she’ll kill them with no efforts. I can’t understand how they haven’t still figured it out that she’s their queen. They should respect her and not do everything in order she to be pleased. This running around her doesn’t make […]

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Thursdays Video – Toilet Fun

Toilets can be quite fun. They are a great way to torture tiny humans. After you are done with them (all the squeezing and crushing), you can just flush them down the toilet. It’s like the perfect ending of a man’s life.

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Come Here!

Another male pet story… As usual, giantesses are too bored to stay alone. They need to have someone to keep them company and what’s better than a tiny man. He doesn’t take much space, he doesn’t eat too much… just the perfect pet. Yes, he can scream a lot, but when he gives a giantess […]

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A Princess Can Be Lonely!

I’ve never thought that a princess can be lonely. She is always surrounded by her servants. But apparently this doesn’t mean anything. Seeing this giantess’ face, I can now realize that it’s not about if you have people around you. It’s about whether you are understood by the others or not. This princess feels so […]

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Mondays Video – Giantesses are bringing sexy back

Giantesses go wild. They are free in the city. You can see them everywhere – everyone is watching them. They are so attractive… Source: Giantess are bringing sexy back

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Does It Hurt?

Judging from the facial expression of the tiny human, it must hurt to be crushed between giant breasts. Maybe because she’s a girl, she doesn’t appreciate where she is. If it was a little man, he would be more than happy to die in this way. It’s like a dream come true for every male […]

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My New Little Toy!

Giantesses’ favourite hobby is to collect toys. But unlike ordinary people, who collect little cars and dolls, giantesses love to collect tiny humans. This giantess has gathered a huge collection. Recently she found a new man. Now she is happy because she’s the best out of her collection. I wonder what she does with them […]

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There Are No Buses!

This cute giantess is really mad. How is it possible to miss the only one bus in the city?! This is city is so lame. Maybe because its size, it seems that there isn’t any good public transport. Now this giantess is going to be late for school. If you ask me, I think this […]

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